Friday, July 19, 2013

Why Do I Continually Touch A Nerve On Social Media?

I have to say, one of the coolest things about social media is, at times, I tend to touch a serious nerve.  Sometimes it's just what I say, sometimes it's the way I say it, but most times I have no idea what is going to touch a nerve on social media, and I definitely have no idea what's going to REALLY touch a nerve on social media.

For instance, I participate in Team Yu's Shenmue Tweetathon on the 3rd of every month, where you tweet to @sega and @sega_official on Twitter and say something that includes the hashtag #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense.  What's funny is every single time I participate, I get at least 5-10 retweets.

And then yesterday I tweeted to Linda Gray (@Linda_Gray) on Twitter after the Emmy nominations went out and I said the following:
"@Linda_Gray Even tho the Academy snubbed you for your peerless performance in JR’s Masterpiece, you always have the Emmy Award in our hearts"
Somehow I got 1 reply, 5 favorites, and 10 retweets from that one tweet above.  Don't know how or why that happens, maybe I said the right thing at the right time or something but I seriously have no idea how that worked out.

And what's even weirder than that?  About 5 hours ago, Linda Gray herself tweeted this:
"Thank you all who were cheering me on for the Emmy nomination. It was very appreciated! Happy that you enjoyed the performance ❤"
Whoa... was that an acknowledgment of... gulp... me?!?! Well, me and everyone else who showed their appreciation even though she was totally snubbed, but I'll just go on pretending she responded to me specifically with that one.

And then today I made a comment on how I and a friend of mine, YouTube user SlimKirby would dearly love to have the Adventures of Lolo series be revived and that seems to have touched a similar nerve.

I'm so unbelievably happy to have a chance to make an impact, even a small one, from the comfort of my computer that it isn't even funny.  I am so thankful for my social media friends, and even those whom I follow that don't do two-way conversations on Twitter/Facebook/etc. because they don't have that understanding yet.