Monday, July 15, 2013

Holy cow, this came from absolutely NOWHERE

A preface: Just to let you all know, I almost didn't have a post today until I saw this come across my eyes and my kid at heart went absolutely bonkers.  Thank you, Carmen Sandiego, for the fact that I actually have a post today.

Today, a rather unique tip came across my eyeballs.  PBS's Tumblr page (I did not know they had a Tumblr page until just today) put up the below picture with the caption:

Where in the world did this come from?

Stay tuned for something awesome!

Update!!! We have one clue for you — this is not about new episodes, but will be appreciated by any 90s kid. Stay tuned!

Of course, the 90s kid in me is daring to hope that the old episodes of the Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego? game show are coming back.  Although given the supposed rights issues involved with the people involved with making the game show, that might prove impossible.  Oh well... here's the theme song to the 90s cartoon and the Rockapella theme for the game show.

90s Cartoon Theme:

Game Show Videos courtesy of

And before I go, I gotta say this, because I have always wanted to say it: DO IT ROCKAPELLA!!