Friday, July 19, 2013

Rumor: Possibility of a 3DS eShop update forthcoming?

Today GoNintendo reported (via NeoGAF) that apparently someone caught Nintendo redhanded in testing an eShop update for the 3DS that includes Wii U software being viewable in the 3DS eShop. Whether that means that Virtual Console games will finally be cross buy-compatible, who knows.

However, I do say "supposedly" because there are a few things that SCREAM "fake" to me. First, is how blurry and out of focus it is.  I can barely see anything, and it kinda makes me... dizzy to say the very least.  Second, the shaky cam.  Frankly, the fact that this guy didn't have a tripod for your camera/camcorder/whatever isn't very good.  And he even says he used his phone in the NeoGAF thread linked above.

And lastly, even though it *looks* legitimate that Nintendo would have put live code into the eShop for testing purposes, I cannot even begin to see how this is real. Yet, that is.  But that doesn't mean that he or she mocked up a new eShop interface with Wii U games included, blurred it out, and took "incriminating evidence" on video and passed it off as real when it was really wishful thinking.  I have to be skeptical about this until I actually see it in action on my 3DS XL.

I dunno, maybe this will come with that "StreetPass Relay" update in a couple of weeks, because I have been unbelievably critical of Nintendo and their incompetence with regard to digital storefronts in the past.  Maybe this will also be the mythical NNID/Miiverse update that Emily Rogers was talking about on Twitter, who knows.  It would definitely make sense, especially because of how fast and furious games are going to be coming out after Mario & Luigi: Dream Team drops on August 11th. If I know Nintendo, I know that they don't want anybody to have even the slightest bit of downtime to snag a huge system update like this when there all of these great games to play on the 3DS.  Maybe that's just me, though.