Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How Reviews Will Work

I am going to start putting up reviews here on the blog as I get to them.  They may be video games, DVD box sets, or what have you, but I am going to start putting up reviews regardless.

As such, I want to go over, at least briefly, how these reviews will work.  I'll give as much information as I can, give some pros and cons, and put out a verdict with a review score.  I have decided upon a 10 point scale where when I put a .x (where x is a number between 0 and 9), it essentially translates to a 100-point scale if you multiply the number by 10.

Also, if I receive a review copy of any kind from a PR firm or other company, I will mention that, as well as adding in a disclaimer that it does not and will never change my opinion about it, so that I am the most upfront and honest with you, my readers, about that.

Finally, I believe that even when you do get review copies of items, you have to be up front and honest with your audience about what you receive for free, because that's just good journalistic best practices.  I know I am talking a lot about journalism, but I feel very strongly about this, and as I move on into writing reviews for the blog, this is going to be my guiding philosophy moving forward because it's the right thing to do.