Wednesday, July 3, 2013

As the Steam/GOG Turns (Intro to a New Column)

I've been playing a lot of PC games of recent.  From the first Poker Night (Poker Night at the Inventory), to its sequel, Poker Night 2, and many other fabulous PC games, I am actually finding that PC gaming is becoming my main source of gaming anymore.

So, to that end, I'm debuting a brand-new column that will be exclusive to this blog portfolio: As The Steam/GOG Turns.  It's a new idea that is taking the GOG release wrapups I did before and expanding them to include Steam as well.  It'll talk about what exactly the releases are about, give a price tag, and maybe talk a little bit about whether a game looks to be worth it or not at the price tag they're asking, or whether it's better to wait till it goes on sale.  Plus I'll give a rundown on games I am playing at the moment that are available on Steam or GOG and maybe give a recommendation or whatever depending on what I'm playing.

Tomorrow will be when I do my full write up because there is some major teasing on Twitter about something fairly epic going down tomorrow on, so I want to cover it in my first-ever As The Steam/GOG Turns column.  See ya then!