Monday, July 1, 2013

The Perils of Techies

I guess the title could become a modern day adventure serial along the lines of the old Perils of Pauline serials from the olden days of cinema.

But yeah, I realize that, as a techie, we have our own first world problems (I think the hashtag for that on Twitter is #NerdWorldProblems), so maybe my troubles with tech won't seem so bad in comparison. 

For a few years now I have had an Apple MacBook Pro laptop that has, for the most part, served me very well.  Very well indeed.  But last night, after I set this new portfolio site up, I noticed that my battery levels were going down, and on top of that I wasn't charging at all, even though I was plugged into a power outlet. 

So, I did some tests (staying up a wee bit later than I should have to do it), realized my power adapter was probably pretty borked, and went to bed. Got up this morning, same problem.  Did a few more tests and got my serial number from my MBP and called AppleCare, only to find out to my great chagrin that I no longer was covered under AppleCare, which had served me quite well up until this point.

So, that is my current situation.  The Perils of Techies, indeed.