Friday, July 26, 2013

As The Steam/GOG Turns #4: The Day Late But Not A Dollar Short Edition

Welcome back to As The Steam/GOG Turns, the continuing story of two competing digital distribution services that compete for everyone's attention.  This week is firing on all cylinders once again, so let's get moving on the releases, first GOG and then Steam!

On the GOG front, our first release this week is Amnesia: The Dark Descent.  For those who love them some horror games, this is one to pick up, no matter whether it's on sale or what.  However if you do not like these kinds of games, don't buy this game.

Next up is a game called Ittle Dew, which is a console-style RPG with cartoony graphics.  This game looks amazingly fun, but I will more than likely wait till the price drops below $10 on a sale myself, because $15 might be a bit too much to pay for a game like this.

Next is a game called InFlux, a nice puzzle game.  I stink at these sorts of games so I probably won't pick it up till it's below $5 on sale.

Finally, but by no means leastly, is the Double Fine game Brutal Legend!  If you like Double Fine AND Jack Black, get this game right now.  If you're like me and like only one or the other, wait till it goes on sale for like $5 or less.

Now, on to Steam. This week's releases are really the calm after the humongous storm that was the Steam Summer Sale.  I only got two games, The Cave (which was a very generous gift from Joe Mastroianni of the Upper Memory Block Podcast) and Ticket To Ride Complete Edition, which is really 5 games for the price of one because it includes the base version of the board game Ticket To Ride, as well as DLC campaigns for Ticket To Ride Europe, Ticket To Ride Legendary Asia, Ticket To Ride Switzerland and Ticket To Ride USA 1910.  Whew!

Anywho, this week's releases are sparse at best.  First is the prepurchase of Lost Planet 3 from Capcom.  I don't care much for these types of games, so I will skip it.

Second is a game called Shadowrun Returns, which looks like a lot of fun but I will definitely pick that one up on sale.  If you like these sorts of games, pick it up if you must.  And it's $19.99 so you really have no excuse if you have the money.

And finally is a game called Citadels, which if the title and the gameplay contained within are correct, looks like a nice strategy game I can sink my teeth into.  I will pick this one up on sale because $35.99 is very expensive for a game like this.

As far as what I am playing, I haven't played much of anything this week because of how crazy my week has been personally, but once things return to semi-normalcy next week I should be able to give you all a whole bunch of games that I've been playing.  So look forward to that!  And until next time, the Steam/GOG ever turns...