Thursday, July 18, 2013

SDCC 2013: What am I Excited For?

Okay, now that my Nintendo columns are out the door, let's talk COMIC CON!  Today is the start of 4 glorious days of comics, pop culture, and more crazy nerd stuff than you can shake a Bat'leth at.

So, what exactly am I excited for this year?  Here's what I think you need to watch, and watch closely:

1) ElfQuest.  Even in 2013, the 35th anniversary of the first publication of ElfQuest, things are starting to heat up, and heat up quickly.  From the rights to all movies and TV shows being in the hands of the two masterminds behind ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining, to the recent announcements of not only a new ElfQuest Adventure Game from Cheeky Dingo Entertainment, but also the return of ElfQuest to print (and now e-print) through Dark Horse Comics, the 35th Anniversary Panel tomorrow night WILL be one to watch.  Cannot wait to see all the great new announcements.

2) Capcom.  Today Capcom is holding (or has already held) a "World of Capcom" panel, and a wrapup will be forthcoming later tonight if possible.  There are more than likely going to be surprises, so watch this space.

3) Major DVD and/or Blu-Ray announcements.  This is a nerd's fantasy, to see announcements of nerdy properties that are FINALLY making their way to DVD/Blu-Ray, or even new cartoon DVDs, so this is a space that you had better be watching.  I'm hearing tell of the 1960s Batman TV series finally making its way to DVD, but ya never know.

4) Comics, Comic Book Movies, and Comic Book Videogames, oh my!  The Comic Con was mainly a comics convention before all the pop culture/nerd culture people showed up, so any comics news that comes out is totally gravy.

5) Agents. Of. SHIELD.  The new ABC series, Agents of SHIELD, is going to have a MAJOR presence at this year's Comic Con and for very good reason.  I am so excited for this follow-on to last year's amazing (and amazingly successful) Marvel's The Avengers movie that it is no longer funny.

6) More amazing than I can detail in one post.  Oh well, wrapups of each day's announcements will be forthcoming, even though I am living on the East Coast and am not at SDCC this year.