Monday, July 8, 2013

And Now A Word About Animal Crossing: New Leaf Nearly A Month After Its Release

And now, I want to talk a little bit about Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS.  The game came out nearly a month ago, and I want to talk a little bit, after a month or so has gone by, about what I like and don't like about the game.


  • Superb sound design
  • A really robust engine for making tons and tons of Bells, the in-game currency
  • No DLC micro transactions (This is actually a good thing, folks)
  • The Island is a fabulous mechanic that works really well in the game
  • A robust selection of tools you can use
  • Fun stores
  • A way to sell your items EVEN WHEN NOOK'S IS CLOSED! This is a HUGE improvement over previous games, and
  • You don't have to jump through hoops to eithre donate items to the museum OR to have your fossils assessed!  YEE HA!
  • Online and wireless connectivity features that actually make sense
  • Each animal in your town now has a custom house!  You don't realize just how samey their houses were in previous games until you play this game.
  • Really cool features (like QR codes) that make sense in the context of the hardware features of the 3DS.


  • Truly some of the most annoying moments in the entire game are when you have to sneak up to catch bugs.  The sneaking mechanic is kind of a pain in the butt when you cannot even use the D-Pad to sneak in that respect, and even then you might catch the bugs you want 50% of the time because of the weird arc that the net swings in.
  • Another problem with the bugs in this game: Some of them are unbelievably annoying to listen to, like the cicadas (really I just want them to SHUT UP ALREADY)
  • The fishing is also a painful mechanic as well but it's a LOT more precise than using the bug catching net.