Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Waiting For Nintendo #1: The "I Don't Expect That Much Newness" Edition

So, Nintendo announced this morning that they are going to do a nice Nintendo Direct presentation tomorrow focusing on 3DS and Wii U games coming the rest of this year tomorrow morning.

What on Earth should we fans expect?  Frankly, not much.  I guess I'll get right into my predictions for 3DS, Wii U, and Other, in that order:


  • Mario & Luigi: Dream Team comes out this coming Sunday, August 11th, so I wouldn't be surprised to see one last push of the game before it drops.
  • They *might* talk about the upcoming 3DS eShop update I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago, but really, who knows at this point whether that eShop update was real or not.  Even still, I hope they come out swinging to prepare Nintendo fans for the Nintendo eShop Unification Blitz of 2013 (the promotion of finally being able to buy eShop games on your computer or smart phone).
  • The next game coming out after Dream Team drops is (for now) Pokemon X and Pokemon Y on October 12th, so there may or may not be a September surprise for 3DS owners, but who knows.

Wii U:

  • I expect them to basically talk about how amazingly well Pikmin 3 was received.  They always like crowing about how their very recently released games have been received by the press and the public.
  • Maybe we'll see a new bundle for the price-conscious amongst us, or possibly even a price drop, who knows at this point.
  • Also they might talk Wonderful 101 again, which I think, if Nintendo drops the price cut bomb, we may actually get games that actually freaking sell like Wonderful 101 (which looks... bizarre... to say the very least).
  • I have really no other major surprises, maybe an eShop update again, maybe something else, I really have no idea what else they could announce.  I am hopeful Nintendo is listening to their fans and drop a good surprise announcement or two, because they do like surprising us.
After all of that?  I will recap tomorrow as per usual, so see you then.