Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Waiting For Nintendo #0: It's Time for Mario!

(BTW, people of a certain age will get what I am referring to in my title here... just replace Mario with what Bob Clampett did after he left Leon Schleisinger's studio that was making the Looney Tunes cartoons that involves a very seasick sea serpent and you'll get it. Maybe.)

Welcome everyone to the first-ever Waiting For Nintendo column!  These columns will be fairly infrequent because Nintendo Directs that have the kind of 1-day-plus notice that we fans are seeing more and more of recently don't happen every month, usually they happen every other month or so, sometimes it takes 3 months, sometimes only 2, sometimes a Nintendo Direct Mini comes in between the times that Nintendo Directs happen in and makes the wait that much less unbearable between Nintendo Direct broadcasts.

So, what will this be? It'll be a discussion of what I think Nintendo will talk about in the next day's Nintendo Direct and I'll go over what I think MAY happen, and it's purely a bit of wishful thinking for this Nintendo fan.  So, I shan't waste any more time.  Watch this space.