Friday, August 2, 2013

As The Steam/GOG Turns #5: The "Moved-To-Fridays-Permanently" Edition

Welcome back to As The Steam/GOG Turns, the continuing story of two competing digital distribution services that compete for everyone's attention.

First, before I get into the releases, I am going to move the column to Fridays for good, mainly because it's a nice way to cap off my week.

This week is, once again, firing on all cylinders, so let's get moving!

First, there are a release or two that are on both GOG and Steam, namely Rise of the Triad.  Look back a post or two to see my (very positive) review in case you missed it, but my summary is to just buy it already.  $15 is really a bargain.  Also on both GOG and Steam is the upcoming new game that has taken off across the Interwebs, Papers, Please.  It's coming out next week, but you can preorder it now. Another preorder on both GOG and Steam is the indie darling Spelunky.  Just get this game if you, like me, are wondering what all the hype was.

Now, on to the GOG-only releases!  First is Penumbra Collection, a collection of three horror games from the same people that later went on to make Amnesia: The Dark Descent.  If you like horror games, go for it.  I, on the other hand, will refrain.

Second is Jack Keane, and it is another great indie point-&-click adventure game!  If you like these sorts of games, you already know whether or not to buy it, so go to it.

Now on the Steam-only releases!  This is a packed week this week, with several pre-purchase offers and lots of DLC (which is NOT covered in this column, as I only cover full game releases).  I'll cover the full game releases for Steam only first, and then I will cover the multitude of pre-purchase offers that popped up this week.

First up in the new releases is Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny, which is a faithful remake of the original Realms of Arkania.  That looks really good, so any folks who are interested in CRPGs or who have played many CRPGs in the past might want to look into picking this one up.

Next up is CastleStorm, a 2D physics destruction/tower defense brawler.  Looks like fun so I will pick that up.

Next is Skulls of the Shogun, the XBLA indie darling (which Billy Berghammer of Planet Gamecube worked on) that is finally making its way to the PC.  I love indie games and I will more than likely pick this one up.

Next is Cannon Brawl, a RTS/artillery mashup game.  I am so happy that RTS games are starting to fully innovate so this one is on my list as I return to RTS gaming after a number of years away.

And finally this week in the new releases is Narco Terror, a old-school style twin-stick shooter where a one-man war is being raged against a drug cartel (sounds eerily Rambo-esque to me...).  I might get this one, we'll see.

Now on to the two Steam-exclusive pre-purchase offers.  First up is Skullgirls, for those of you who didn't get in on the IndieGoGo campaign to fund Squigly, Big Band, and others.  $15 gets you a fabulous independent fighting game that has a very distinct Marvel vs. Capcom 2 feel to it.

Next is Castlevania Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition.  I'm surprised this game hasn't made it to PC already but I'd very much rather play the original Castlevanias, they deviated much too far from the Castlevania mythology that has been in place for the entire time Castlevania has been made available on platforms like the NES.

So, that does it for this week.  And until next time, the Steam/GOG conflict ever turns...