Monday, September 30, 2013

Waiting For Nintendo #3: What could possibly go wrong?

Today Nintendo said that tomorrow, Tuesday October 1st at 10:00 am my time, Nintendo will put up a Nintendo Direct to talk about Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games that are coming out later this year.

As of tomorrow, it'll be 11 days between then and the global release of Pokemon X&Y and the release of the Nintendo 2DS.  So, I guess we'll hear about both of them if history is any indicator.

Then we'll probably hear about Mario, and other games.  They have largely not shown very much of the games they're more than likely to show tomorrow morning.

So, do I have predictions?  Yes.


  • Pokemon is an obvious one even tho we already had a Pokemon Direct. Hardware bundles, anyone?
  • Maybe a focus on the 2DS, however briefly.  Maybe we'll even get hardware bundles with Pokemon X & Y...
  • More than likely we'll hear about Mario Party Island Tour, the new Mario Party we have seen exactly NOTHING about since it was announced as just Mario Party for the Nintendo 3DS.

Wii U:

  • Maybe we'll see more of Wii Sports Club and when we'll see the other sports.
  • Maybe more Wii Fit U...
  • Definitely Mario 3D World which hasn't been seen since E3
  • Maybe DKC: Tropical Freeze
  • Maybe a surprise or two, I have like no idea