Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Waiting for Nintendo #2: Gotta Catch 'Em All

POKEMON!  Ah, sweet memories of watching the Pokemon cartoon...

Anyways, sorry, I am talking about the upcoming Pokemon Direct tomorrow because... yeah... they are going to do a global Nintendo Direct tomorrow ALL about Pokemon X and Pokemon Y which will have lots of Pokemon X & Y news.  Thank heavens.

Now, what do I think is going to happen tomorrow?  Here's my top 5 most likely Pokemon announcements for tomorrow:

5) Information about a new Pokemon Wii U game along the lines of Colosseum!  I put this at number 5 because I don't think this is nearly as likely as the remainder.  The problem I see is, what will be compatible?  And are there 3DS Virtual Console releases that would be compatible with the game also?  Speaking of...

4) Information about prior Pokemon games FINALLY hitting the Nintendo eShop!  Virtual Console for Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, Silver/Gold/Crystal, possibly Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (although I suspect they'll get their own eShop releases as a remake...), and then the eShop proper will finally carry DS games like the last few Pokemon games, even though I think they're pretty much the weakest of the entire lot.  I at least enjoyed the games prior to their DS incarnations, but all enjoyment of the Generation V Pokemon games that weren't remakes (Black, White, Black 2, and White 2) just evaporated for me.  So, because Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are coming out, AND because they look to be a much-needed kick in the pants for the Pokemon franchise, I am extremely excited for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, but I am going to keep my expectations quite low.

3) More information about the Fairy type!  More specifically, we know the Fairy type exists, but we have no idea which ones of the current crop of 649 Pokemon are getting reclassed to the Fairy type, nor the Fairy Type's type weakness (because for balance purposes there HAS to be at least some type weakness, right?).  We already know that Sylveon is of the Fairy type, but in the E3 trailer we also saw Jigglypuff as a Fairy type (don't know if it'll be Normal / Fairy or just Fairy type at the moment), and we also saw Marill, a Water type now, as a Fairy type (Marill is more than likely a Fairy/Water dual type), and Gardevoir is also a Fairy type (more than likely a Grass/Fairy dual type).  Who else will get a Fairy typing or dual typing?  More than likely Clefairy is getting a Fairy type reclass at the very least, and probably Clefable, and more than likely we'll see Igglybuff, Cleffa, Clefable, and Wigglytuff as Fairy types as well.

2) More Pokemon receiving Mega Evolutions!  Mega Evolutions, in case you've been living under a rock, are new evolutions of both Pokemon without an evolution (like Dunsparce) and final evolutions of Pokemon (like Ampharos, which is getting a Mega Evolution already).  I can't wait to see more about Mega Evolutions, because this is already so cool.

1) More Pokemon X & Y hardware bundle news!  There's really been no news of the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y bundles yet, so that might be what we get tomorrow.  With the recent announcement of the Nintendo 2DS that will release the exact same day as Pokemon, I would be seriously surprised if Nintendo didn't totally take full advantage and came out with 2DS bundles for both Pokemon X and Pokemon Y (X being the blue 2DS bundle, and Y being the red 2DS bundle) for either $129.99 (and since Nintendo is adding same-priced hardware bundles like with the Wind Waker bundle, this would not be entirely unprecedented) or $149.99.  Plus they'll probably release a 3DS bundle AND a 3DS XL bundle.  This is going to get fun.

So, tomorrow we'll get another Wrapping Up Nintendo!  Fun, eh?  Watch this space!