Monday, September 2, 2013

Internet fame: Fleeting as ever

Yes, I am going to talk about something that gained me some measure of Internet fame, as fleeting as it may be.

But before I do, I gotta explain how this crazy thing came to be.

I've spoken on this blog before about Night Dive Studios, the people who untangled the rights mess to System Shock 2, the precursor to the BioShock series of games, so that it was digitally rereleased earlier this year.  And since then, there hasn't been much of a peep from them.  But I follow them on Twitter and Facebook and they've been flaunting hints of the LucasArts games, and I asked them (back in June no less):
Is your constant discussion of LucasArts, both on here & Facebook, indicative of something that we will see the fruits of?
They replied:
We're hoping for it as much as everyone else, that's all we can say at the moment!
I wasn't expecting to be "Internet famous" for this, not in the slightest.  I didn't even think it'd get mentioned anywhere.

So, yesterday I went on the GOG forum as one does when one is horribly excited for an upcoming Night Dive reveal, and I saw a link to this article on the famed LucasArts fansite The International House of Mojo.  The International House of Mojo, for those of you who do not know, is a long-running LucasArts fansite that has been online since 1997, very nearly the dawn of the civilized Internet.  They got their name from the Voodoo Lady's business in the second Monkey Island game, subtitled LeChuck's Revenge.  They follow a lot of LucasArts happenings (which isn't a lot since Disney shut it down), along with the happenings of Telltale Games, Double Fine, and Autumn Moon Entertainment, all companies that were started by people who left LucasArts.

But to be mentioned on The International House of Mojo as a longtime LucasArts fan who loves the site and loves LucasArts games in general?  That is, to use some colorful language, my "holy shit" moment.  That was the moment I knew I'd "made it" in this whole Net thing somehow.  It might not get me a ton of cash, but man oh man I am so excited about this.  I'm not usually so verbose about stuff like this unless I am super excited.