Sunday, September 15, 2013

As The Steam/GOG Turns #11: The Better Late Than Never Edition, Featuring SuperFrog HD

Welcome back to As The Steam/GOG Turns, the continuing story of two competing digital distribution services that compete for everyone's attention.

Well, this last Music week was fun, wasn't it?  And now that Google+ sharing is now, thankfully, fixed, I am now going to finally be able to focus on my blogging and getting one post out every weekday, and one out every weekend day if I feel like it and/or I need to do a make-good like I have to do today.

So, on to the new releases for this week!  This week there are some really interesting new releases, and some I think I've covered before.  Some dual releases, and some that are exclusive to each as usual.

First, let's talk dual releases.  First up: Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is finally available for your PewdiePie-imitating glory enjoyment.

And the second and final dual release this week is Volgarr the Viking from Adult Swim.  Do you enjoy old games for their rock hard difficulty?  Do you find enjoyment out of games that eat you up for breakfast and that you can never really beat?  Well, Volgarr the Viking is just what the doctor ordered!  Basically, think a modern Ghosts 'N' Goblins, except that all deaths aren't the fault of the game, they're your fault.  Nice going.  $10 for the first week is pretty good in my opinion.

Now let's talk Steam-only releases.  Of course a LOT of things release on Steam, like DLC, Early Access games, software, etc., but I am only going to talk about full games this week.

First up is the full release (finally) of King of Fighters XIII: Steam Edition!  For anyone (like myself) who wants more fighters to come to PC, this is a major major deal.  The only problem is that people think that two year old console games coming to PC should cost no less than $30!  That, in my opinion, is too much dough, and that is going on my "I'll wait for the Winter Steam Sale unless I happen upon $60 to buy both this and Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition on Steam" list.

Next is the Steam release of something GOG users have enjoyed for awhile (and oddly enough Night Dive was responsible for this as well), the release of Wizardry 6, 7, and 8!  $20 for the whole trilogy of games on Steam, $16 on GOG.  If you are price-conscious, you know what to do.  And I can't wait to see Wizardry 1-5 be made available myself.

Next is Legend of Dungeon, a retro 8-bit style roguelike (there've been an absolute ton of these of recent) that is basically a roguelike with Legend of Zelda elements.  $10 isn't too bad for this, so if you want this, you know what to do.

And finally in the Steam-only releases this week is a retro classic reborn from the twisted, twisted minds of the venerable Team17, SuperFrog HD!  For those who don't know, SuperFrog was a very challenging platformer that was most famous amongst Amiga-heads (mainly because the Amiga version was heads and shoulders above everything else) that featured a simple prince who had been turned into a frog and would become SuperFrog with a brown bottle, I believe it was of Newcastle Brown Ale if I remember the original SuperFrog's "making-of" from Retro Gamer Magazine out in the UK properly.  Only a mere $10 for this one folks, a no-brainer for anyone who liked SuperFrog!

And now, the GOG-only releases for this week.  First up is a brand new game from the brilliant mind behind Gabriel Knight, Jane Jensen: Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller.  You play Erica Reed, a woman who solves crimes via cognition while at crime scenes.  This is the very first episodic game on GOG that hasn't had all the season's episodes available at the start, which beckons a brave new world.

Next is a legendary point-&-click game that hasn't ever been made available for digital purchase before now: Legend of Kyrandia, Book 1.  From the legendary Westwood Studios comes a forgotten gem that has never been made available... before now.  $6 gets you this one, and I think it's a winner.

The final GOG-only release this week (and the final release this week) is actually (gasp) a freebie!!  Stargunner from Apogee and 3D Realms is an old-school Gradius-style shmup.  If you like Gradius, you're more than likely going to like this.  Get it.  It's free of charge.  You have absolutely NO excuse, so get it into your GOG library NOW.

So, that does it for this week.  And until next time, the Steam/GOG conflict ever turns...