Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mohu: What They've Done and What's Next

I have to say, I really enjoy Mohu's antenna designs.  I've never owned one myself, but I really love seeing their designs.  These designs were originally created for military applications, because Mohu is a division of Greenwave Scientific, one of the companies that have made antennas for the military, and they decided after they

Mohu's designs are low-profile without being insanely so, and their range is pretty good without having to fiddle with it once it is installed.  I have a terrible RadioShack antenna now that I have to continually fiddle with, and an antenna that I don't have to fiddle with looks very good to me at the moment.

Of course, they have a standard antenna, the Mohu Leaf, their amplified version, the Leaf Ultimate, and then they have one that works in your attic or outdoors called the Mohu Sky.  The Leaf has a 35 mile range, the Leaf Ultimate has a 50 mile range, and the Sky has a 60 mile range.  And that's just their antennas!   They also sell a separate amplifier called the Jolt, they sell an antenna stand for the Leaf so you can put it on the back of your HDTV (for those of you who mount your TVs on the wall), and several lengths of high performance coaxial cables (10 and 25 ft respectively).  So they've got a serious amount of cool stuff, right?

Yeah, but one majorly cool thing I almost forgot to tell you about is their TV For Free tool.  What you do is you go to their website,, and you type in either your zipcode or the address at which you would like to get free HDTV signals at and it will tell you not only the channels each of the Mohu antenna products will pick up, but also the channel name (i.e. ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, etc.) and the callsign.  Some people (like myself, living out in the woods like a hermit) will have problematic terrain between them and their TV towers, but if you live in a relatively problem-free area you shouldn't have any problems picking up free HDTV signals where you are.

And they've been teasing something new on their Facebook and Twitter pages as well.  The images so far are, in order:
1) A stock photo of a hydropower dam.
2) A ring of ribbon.
3) The bottom half of a clam shell.

I have literally no idea what they are teasing.  I did send them a message and suggested a TV on PC solution in desperation because frankly, all of the ones out there right now either are garbage or they are unbelievably deprecated with nary a new update in years (*cough* Elgato's EyeTV software *cough*).

As far as what they are teasing, my guess is if it is another antenna, it'll be named after a natural occurrence because that is what they use as their nomenclature for their antenna products.  If it isn't?  Well, anything goes, because they always tend to be really good at shocking and surprising people.  But I think one niche that could be filled is having the cord-cutter equivalent of a "cable box".  Perhaps that's it, who knows.